Denzel Curry might have gotten lots of notice this year for ‘Clout Cobain’ (off of his excellent album TA13OO), but he’s not that only one who’s made a strong impression alluding to Mr. Kurt C. ‘Cobain’, a new song from Toledo-via-Detroit duo ROVR’s upcoming project, honors the legacy of a man who was (and in a sense, still is) so visible yet so mysterious.

With production reminiscent of both cloud rap and early Ariel Pink, frontman Dean Tartaglia recites Cobain’s name like a DJ looping a hook in the club. “He came down for a minute, and he died way too young and then he went to heaven,” he plainspokenly narrates before launching into an awestruck croon. The chugging guitars and mystical synths create a splendorous haze. Suddenly, it switches gears, with a similar hook honoring a similarly-named legend in John Coltrane with passionate sax and jazz drumming. What’s the link between Kurt Cobain and John Coltrane beyond them being deceased music legends? ROVR’s answer would probably be: if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

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