At first, I figured that brand new Buffalo-based synth-pop duo Royal Tongues and the soulful indie-rock Alabama Shakes were pretty far away from each other on the "indie rock genre scale" (if such a thing exists) - but one listen to Royal Tongues' cover of the Shakes' 'Don't Wanna Fight' has me thinking a little differently. Although the original leans more heavily towards Black Keys' blues-rock stylings, Royal Tongues make it sound straight out of the 80's while staying true to Brittany Howard's high pitched, powerful vocals. Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella inject the song with groovy, dancefloor-ready vibes, and we are 100% into it. Stream 'Don't Wanna Fight' below, and check out their debut EP Patterns & Shapes over at their Soundcloud!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 4/17 - The Hollow, Albany, NY

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