In the most bizarre pieces of music news today, a dutch company called Buma/Stemra who earn their crust collecting money for music royalties has been left with egg on their faces after being fined for believe it or not, failing to pay royalties. Music was commissioned by the musician's rights firm for an anti piracy advert in 2006 and was only due to be used the once for a film festival in Holland.

The composer, Melchior Rietveldt was understandably, quite miffed to discover the same advert featuring his composition on a Harry Potter DVD some 12 months later and according to TorrentFreak the same clip was used on over 70 other releases. After going back to the company with this information in hand Rietveldt was given 15,000€ by Buma/Stemra and told he would receive a full list of DVD's that featured the offending advert.

In 2009 the company had failed to produce the information to Reitveldt instead opting to give him a further 10,000€, the case went back and forth for a while before finally being drawn to a close last month when an Amsterddam court fined Buma/Stemra 20,000€ and forced to pay all the monies owed to Reitveldt (60,000€) and his legal costs.

This reminds me, my old Geography teacher borrowed my GCSE coursework to show future classes as an example, that was over 14 years ago now, guess who's getting a friend request on Facebook tomorrow! [via Stool Pigeon]