How can a video be so entertaining and sound so good? Royce Wood Junior is just showing off at this point. The London producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and soul singer can pretty much do it all – yet there’s a charm and charisma that glistens through his work, making it hard to hate him for being that great.

While the polygonal artist anticipates the release of his long-awaited LP The Ashen Tang, which is finally due for release on January 29 on 37 Adventures, Royce has unleashed his latest single 'Midnight,' along with an uproarious video to accompany it. And despite the sonic and scenic opposition between the single and its visuals, they find harmony, like a film and its score.

Royce Wood Junior’s skewed garage production and wobbly synths offer a sprightly space to tell the story of Ed, the insurance specialist who was decapitated after a horrific roller coaster accident, as he struggles through day-to-day life. While the video could easily pass as a viral comedy sketch, when paired with Royce’s woozy electronic soul, it becomes something much more special.

  • Royce Wood Junior Live Dates:
  • Feb 3rd - Brighton - The Green Store
  • Feb 4th - Bristol - Louisiana
  • Feb 5th - Manchester - Fallow
  • Feb 10th - London - Oslo