With every fantastic musician that's made a comeback this year (Aphex Twin, Death From Above 1979, Damien Rice), the scene takes some away as well. Röyksopp announced their final album The Inevitable End on the tail end of September, and today you can stream the first cut from that album 'Sordid Affair'. It's a delicate tune featuring Ryan James from Man Without Country, which Röyksopp explains as "A recollection and contemplation of the emotional aspects of the endeavours as described in the track title. The difficulties of letting go of emotional attachments - even those of a questionable nature."

Listen below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1) Skulls
  • 2) Monument feat. Robyn (T.I.E. Version)
  • 3) Sordid Affair (Ryan James, Man Without Country)
  • 4) You Know I Have To Go (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
  • 5) Save Me (Susanne Sundfør)
  • 6) I Had This Thing (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
  • 7) Rong (Robyn)
  • 8) Here She Comes Again (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
  • 9) Running To The Sea (Susanne Sundfør)
  • 10) Compulsion (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
  • 11) Coup de Grace
  • 12) Thank You

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