Ziggy Stardust may be dead, but his sparkle lives on. RTA (Road to Awe), a Los Angeles-based label, picks up where the nostalgia of bygone eras left off. Although Eli Azran, David Rimokh and Evelyn Ungari are not directly influenced by the late great Bowie, you can feel the aura of the mystique as seen in black and white photos of great icons whether it’s singer/songwriter Francoise Hardy or Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick. With a bit of strong sensuality and restraint from Helmut Newton’s photographs, the whole collection is simply built on the vibe of easy, laid-back edgy sensuality.

Set against the exposed brick walls of Industria Studios in Manhattan’s tony West Village, the clothes are born to be worn on the streets. From matte to patent black leather; luxurious fox (or raccoon) fur to basic cotton; soft cashmere versus chainmail, there was never a shortage of fresh, yet classic silhouettes. Whether it be a pair of leather pants, thigh-skimming anorak or an oversized Basso-esque fur jacket, the models pair it with a cargo jumpsuit or fitted leather pants and miniskirts. While Rimokh, Ungari and Azran gravitate towards basics, they aren’t afraid to experiment with newer cuts such as a body-con cold shoulder hoodie minidress.

Thanks to their take on street fashion, RTA never fails to swoon the hearts of stylist/model/designer Luka Sabbat and model Hailey Baldwin. Although the label may be three years young, brace yourselves for more eye-popping styles.