Want to know what Sigur Ros would sound like if you took acid? There’s no need for drug experimentation, instead it’s all right here for you in Rubik’s new album, Solar. More than just an amalgamation of synthesizers, Rubik throw together an orchestral combination of acoustic, electronic and brass instruments into an energetic, multi-dimensional sound reminiscent of The Go! Team.

Solar, Rubik’s third studio album, is their first UK release. On release in Finland, Solar reached number one immediately, with music monthly SUE hailing them as a ‘modern national treasure’. Following the highly successful album Dada Bandits, Rubik continue to make unique, uplifting, dynamic pop/rock.

The album certainly hits you with a wall of sound, in fact Rubik’s singer and guitarist Arrturi Taira cited a “giant brick-walled room” as the main inspiration for the songs. Recorded in a windowless, dark and stuffy, former 1950s movie theatre in the band’s hometown of Helsinki, the claustrophobic atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for an otherworldly ethereal sound, alive with echoes and electronic reverberations.

Solar is a record of well-crafted, cohesive indie pop, full of, in Taira’s words, “the best songs we have ever written”. Taira’s choral vocals and delicate lyrics filter through a diverse, highly percussive musical collection, ranging from explicitly upbeat ‘Laws of Gravity’ and ‘World Around You’, acoustic guitar led ‘Storm In A Glass Of Water’, to the darker, more brooding and bass heavy, ‘Not A Hero’.

Rubik are set to perform at the Primavera Sound 2011 festival in Barcelona this summer, alongside Animal Collective, Belle & Sebastian, Fleet Foxes and The National amongst many others.