Stream in full the new record from Glasgow born producer Rudi Zygadlo, which we gave the thumbs up to last week (read). Entitled Tragicomedies, the record will be released on Monday the 24th September via Planet Mu Records.

Speaking to Dummy about the title and the record Zygadio said, "It's hard not sound wafty and vague but I just thought it was a really applicable polarity, day to day, and entire, life is comprised of little t's and c's. And it has a theatrical connotation. When you're writing about emotionally significant events, reinterpreting them, making sense of them, it's rather like dramatisation. Maybe therapy too. Actually I thought I wanted to call it the 'Penal Chamber'. The place where one serves their music-writing sentence. But it's a bit mopey. And and and and penal sounds a bit like penis."

Listen to the record in full below: