As the year begins to draw to a close and we're inundated with "one's to watch" lists, I recommend saying hello to Rudie Edwards before it all gets too crowded. That is - of course - not to say she cannot stand on her own; if anything her debut release, the wonderful 'I'm Not Her', is an effortless showcase that she has what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Raised in Dover, a young Edwards was introduced to punk an indie via her mother while her dad would play soul classics from Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles. But it was her introduction to Destiny's Child and subsequent talent show performance of the band that helped birth her passion for music. A BRIT School alumni - now signed to Atlantic Records - she's spent time writing and recording with the likes of Beatrice Eli, Erik Hassle and CeeLo Green.

'I'm Not Her' is a personal, heartfelt track, taking inspiration and synths from the best of the '80s combined with fresh vocals for today's ears. "I recorded those vocals and created the main synth line in my bedroom," Edwards told us via email. "I started dating someone. I fell head over heels in love, but I had an inkling there were some red flags. I thought, 'Oh shit, I'm not really the person this guy wants me to be.' It was a bad idea from the start. I knew it, but I didn't care. I had to tell it in a song. I wasn't going to be the girl this guy wanted me to be. It's not like I'm feeling bad about it; I'm just saying that I won't fit into this little box."

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