While fanboys all over the world score cheap points against each other during this new and improved console war, Google are reportedly working on their own console. I say reportedly, it's all just a rumour that was first let loose by The Wall Street Journal, perpetuated by WIRED, and now also by The 405.

So, what do we know? Well - in short, nothing. It's a rumour. What we've heard though is that they may be preparing for Apple to announce their own console, and since the Ouya is using the Android OS for their console, it wouldn't be much of a stretch for Google to muster one up. I mean, they must have some black cases and a controller design stashed away somewhere. Maybe in the cupboard where they keep their tax returns?

No one appears to have received confirmation from anyone at Google yet, so at the moment this is all just "leaked" information from an anonymous source. If it's true, then I don't really know what to say. Is every company going to move into consoles? Shall we be expecting the Firefox Loadtime Issues in Q4 of 2015? Or the Facebook: Does Whatever The Google Console Does But With Different Branding home entertainment unit? Where will it end!

Keep your eyes peeled for The 405: Everyone's Got One & Now So Do WeeBox Kickstarter project launching as soon as one of us learns how to program a gaming unit (or earns enough money to get somebody else to do it).