Seats are increasingly limited on the Run The Jewels Hype Train. Today, with less than two weeks left before the supremely anticipated release of Run The Jewels 2 - the sophomore LP from electric rapper duo El-P and Killer Mike - the duo debuted the tectonic plate shifting 'Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)' with Rage Against The Machine frontman Zach de la Rocha.

The track's supreme power shouldn't be much of a surprise. El-P and Killer Mike have cemented themselves as one of the genres most pronounced powers over the past year or so, and adding the elusive de la Rocha on the effort pushes it into another pantheon. Since the demise of RATM at the end of the 2000s (after reuniting for a series of live shows, including spots at Coachella and Lollapalooza), de la Rocha's work has been few and far between. Aside from a guest spot on Deltron 3030's 'Melding Of Minds' last year, de la Rocha's last original work came way back in 2008 as One Day As A Lion. And if there was any concern that the furious energy of his voice began to erode, then 'Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)' could certainly be considered a relief.

Along with judicious verses from El-P and Killer Mike, de la Rocha's unflinching fury is in prime form on the buzzy cut. The work, however, was a long time coming, according to El-P in a recent interview with Buzzfeed.

"We worked on music together in the late ’90s after Rage broke up but it never came out," EL-P says. "We remained friends, though, and when I was in L.A. working on the record I bumped in to him literally on the way to the studio. He came by and listened to what we had and a day later was recording with us."

It's a must listen, in case that wasn't clear. Run The Jewels 2 comes out October 27th for free via Mass Appeal Records. If you are so inclined, however, pre-orders of the album can be made at iTunes.

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