Oddesse just released a new single for fans to enjoy before the summer ends. The LA duo has been working steadily over the past few months to put together strong music on their own terms, though they mentioned via Instagram that thoughts of an album are swirling. 'It Runs Wild' comes after the band’s previous release, 'Trust', which meditates on a different facet of fear. The new song looks for a danger that we’ve purposefully kept hidden; listen below.

“They say meditate long enough, the floor will fall out. You won’t be running around in the dark anymore. You will be the dark. But that’s not really enough. I think you have to face the beast first. And you have to feel okay, just hanging there, in the dark. I’m working on it.” – Rebeca Arango, Oddnesse

'It Runs Wild' describes an internal struggle that reaches a climax. It retreats into the woods with deep guitar notes lingering around a fear of the unknown. While the single is too mellow to be considered anthemic, there is still satisfaction in shouting lyrics like, “Get the fuck out!” and “Back the fuck off!” The rhythm is unrelenting during the chorus, sprinting with the synth melody until you’ve reached safety, even if the final lyrics suggest getting caught in quicksand.