It's hard to believe that two years have passed since Russian Circles landmark fourth record, the abrasive, beautiful punch in the face that was Empros. The Chicago trio have spent the interim time on a near endless tour, and recently it would now appear, writing and recording.

Announcing their forthcoming album Memorial with preview track 'Deficit', these near seven minutes demonstrates the band at their visceral, twisting, shape shifting best. Russian Circles can do pretty, but they excel when they do heavy. And 'Deficit' is heavy. Recorded in their hometown’s Electric Audio studios, this track is full of the sharp edges and killer drum sound the studio is renowned for.

The band has booked more than a month of European dates throughout October and November, hitting the UK on 24th to the 29th. Chelsea Wolf is the co-headliner for all dates, and she also sings on Memorial's closing title track.

The new record is released through Sargent House on 28th October. Listen to Deficit below.

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