It's been a busy couple of weeks for Rustie. First off he was hospitalised for diabetes treatment - but that didn't stop him making and sharing a track from his hospital bed. Then he shared two new tracks, 'First Mythz' and 'Peace Upzzz', the latter of which he dropped yesterday alongside a surprise announcement of a new album called EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE. Which he said he'd be releasing "tomorrow" - which is now today, of course.

And hey presto, the album's here. Artwork above, tracklist below, you know the drill; also, it appears that a track he revealed back in July, 'Big Catzz', has made it to the album. Interestingly, or weirdly rather, a lot of the tracks are "feat. Rustie" - an ironic statement? As ironic, perhaps, as the stylistic spellings of the names of his tracks?

  • 01 Coral Elixrr [feat. Rustie]
  • 02 First Mythz
  • 03 Atlantean Airship
  • 04 4Eva [feat. Rustie]
  • 05 Big Catzz
  • 06 Peace Upzzz [feat. Rustie]
  • 07 Your Goddezz
  • 08 Coral Castelz
  • 09 What U Mean [feat. Rustie]
  • 10 Morning Starr [feat. Rustie]
  • 11 Death Bliss
  • 12 New Realm
  • 13 Emerald Tabletz
  • 14 Open Heartzz
  • 15 444Sure [feat. Rustie]