Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb has put out one album previously as Rustin Man, the 2002 collaboration with Portishead's Beth Gibbons, Out Of Season. Now many years on from that project, Rustin Man has risen again with a new album called Drift Code that will be released by Domino on February 1st. He has apparently been working on the new album the during the entire intervening era (while also raising two daughters), creating it in a remote converted barn in Essex.

That pastoral setting can certainly be heard in the opening track 'Vanishing Heart', which he has shared. The track begins with sparse piano and Rustin Man's graceful voice singing beautifully of cold visions: "is that a mocking bird inside your crying eyes of stone?" Although he continues to sing of unrest in the summer time, the way he turns his unsettled emotions into beautiful metaphors gives 'Vanishing Heart' a rising grandiosity that overwhelms the distanced feelings and floods the track with radiance. This is further enhanced by the powerful harmonies in the dramatic chorus, further imbued with perfectly picked instrumentation that works its way into the mix, making 'Vanishing Heart' into a deviously stunning track. Take a listen below.

Rustin Man's Drift Code will see release on February 1st and and be pre-ordered here from Domino and here digitally.