Lightly swaggering and seasoned with a smattering of exotic percussion, here is the latest from Baltimore producer Rvdical The Kid: 'Nikita'. That percussion, namely the bwoops and pangs of the ever-versatile Indian tabla (a pair of drums), ornaments a towering beat that sways between infrabass and fierce claps.

Harsh melodies stutter their crushed-up way over jazzy lounge chords, which from the very start make this one smooth-smooth jam - and just wait till that aching lead at the end: a solo with Ecco the Dolphin feeling and vitality. Sprinkled all over with chopped up vocal sounds that just add that little extra to help make the track sound like broken toys parading around a mangrove swamp, this is a lovely cross of hard beats and electro that results in a modern interpretation of lounge-offshoot, exotica, whisking you away as you slo-nod to the beat.

It's out as a single via quite cool label SYZYGY.