Early yesterday, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams made a bit of buzz, going to Twitter to attack well-known Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity.

It all started when Ryan went after Hannity, saying, “@SeanHannity Your entire soul is controlled by fear and by hate. Evolve little chicken man. See reality.”

After a quick reply by Hannity, in which he actually invited Adams to talk on the show, Adams refused, saying:

After Hannity asked Adams again, he responded, steadily, “I don't negotiate with terrorists.” Hannity turned on Adams and replied, “Who’s the little chicken man now? A terrorist? Typical liberal all name calling no substance. Say it to my face u coward.”

Hannity apparently took the argument to heart, making a small segment of his show later that night about the spat between the two. The official transcript read;

“He is the latest liberal entertainer to launch an outrageous Twitter tirade against yours truly. Singer-songwriter — by the way, you probably don’t know him, he’s not that popular — Ryan Adams… We reached out to Mr. Adams, we invited him on the show for a comment. His little agent replied, because he was too chicken, in an email, ‘Ryan’s statement is his tweet and vice versa’… Why don’t you have the courage to come on the show and defend yourself? He called me a ‘terrorist’… If we wanted to torture terrorists, we can play his music, which isn’t that popular anyway… Come on the program, stop being a wimp, he’s hiding behind his rock star makeup like the gutless little coward that he is.”

The battle wouldn't end there, with Hannity mistakenly pointing out that Adams deleted the original tweets. He hadn't however, and replied with:

The fight might not end soon.