Ryan Adams' last album was a project full of Taylor Swift covers so it's safe to say fans are excited about new music. Prisoner, his follow-up to 1989, will be released on February 17 via Pax Am/Blue Note. Read a statement Ryan wrote about the release and find the full tracklist below.

"I started writing this record while I was going through a very public divorce, which is a humiliating and just a fucking horrible thing to go through no matter who you are," he said. "To be me and to go through that the way that I did was destructive on a level that I can’t explain. So a lot of extra work went into keeping my chin up and remembering what I did and what I loved about who I was."

  • Prisoner tracklist:
  • 01 Do You Still Love Me?
  • 02 Prisoner
  • 03 Doomsday
  • 04 Haunted House
  • 05 Shiver and Shake
  • 06 To Be Without You
  • 07 Anything I Say to You Now
  • 08 Breakdown
  • 09 Outbound Train
  • 10 Broken Anyway
  • 11 Tightrope
  • 12 We Disappear