Whether it's the way in which he turns the mortal sidewalk surfing descendants of Dog Town; gripped to 30 inch shredded planks of what was once before maple, into gravity defying angels; no, wait, correction...Gods, busting out 50/50 grinds down Mount Olympus. Or the way in which his use of rich lighting engulfs a mis en scene of deep shadows and brilliant highlights (awesome HIM album btw), makes you want to reach out into his photos and touch those captured in a moment of photographic rapture. It has to be said that Ryan Gee literally eats, breathes, sleeps, dreams and even bleeds photography; like a tragic accident cost him both hands and the only replacements the hospital had available were two dueling SLR's. It's almost as if shutter speeds control the blinking of his eye lids. I've always been a fan of Ryans work, He's shot the likes of Tony Hawk; the god damn Micheal Jordan of skateboarding, a guy kids look up to. But here's a guy who's applied himself 110% into being behind his camera's 24/7, just to snap that one outstanding picture; like a WWII sniper laying in wait for the head shot. As far as I'm concerned, he should be the Micheal Jordan of Photography and because of that, Ryan Gee is the guy that I look up to... The 405 were lucky enough to be able to catch Gee in between his travels of LA, for an exclusive interview. Enjoy! How did you first get into photography and when did you realize it was a possible career for yourself? I got into it right after high school. I always loved the unique angles and lighting that created an intense looking skate image. After I got my 1st few checks I realized this could become something more. Getting paid for having fun. Very cool! What cameras do you use? Currently a Canon Eos 1DS Mark 2 (for stills), and a Canon EOS 1D for sequences. I was one of the 1st guys to branch off to Digital in the skate industry. I remember taking my Hasseblad 501cm out to Barcelona with me right when I got the new Canon 1DS Mk II; this was almost 3 years ago ... well the 3 weeks I was out there I didn't even touch my medium format once. It was pointless to me. Making multiple copies of a 47 megabite image onto my laptop was a life saver. Also instant gratification too. You don't have to worry about your film getting messed up while traveling, lab development, fedex, shipping .. etc. I was 6,000 miles away and 2 hours after the shot images were uploaded into an FTP server in California. Technology is great. Who or What inspires you to take photography? Motivated and skilled skateboarders. Also trying different lighting techniques at new spots. I like the change. What is your favorite medium to photograph eg people, landscapes, cars etc and why? I've been really into shooting themed portraits lately. I recently bought a bunch of studio equipment and been having a blast with it. I like creating a story behind each person ... it's fun. You can check out some of my recent work with it at http://www.modelmayhem.com/ryangee Car photography is fun too, but very easy. You also have routes in skate boardings. How did you first get into skate boarding and how did that evolve into you eventually replacing your deck for a camera? I think I really got into it when I was 11 or 12. I stuck with it all through High School with my friends. We would shred almost everyday. Skating soo much random stuff back then. Mini ramps were also a big thing growing up too. Their were soo many in my town.Once college came I decided to help out some of my friends who were sponsored with photos for interviews. I learned off a few local photographers who contributed to Transworld at the time. Then the rest was trial and error and I kept with it. I think its fair to say that you can achieve some great angles in your skate boarding work. Would you say that this is down to your background and knowing what to look out for or has your style been influenced some what? I think so ... I have some influences with other photographers, but I would tweak the style out more that suites me. Have you ever been injured whilst taking any photos? Yeah I've taken some boards to the head, shins, knee's .. etc. It's part of the game when you want that super close fisheye shot. You've also taken photos of bands such as HIM, Gwar, Cky, Poison and The Nine Inch Nails. If there was one band(or artist) past or present that you would love to capture, who would it be and why? More Nine Inch Nails! I never had a photos pass with them. Maybe this up coming tour I can get a press pass for some better shots. Their my favorite band. Every time I've seen them, I would just rock out instead of trying to get legit pics. What is the key to never getting bored or tired of what you do? I'm not sure. Photography is my blood, so it's hard to get bored of it. But shooting the same subjects can get repetitious at times, and thats when I find myself shooting bands or more portraits. Changing it up is good. I guess thats what keeps me going. Trying different things. Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years time, in regards to you work, new projects and any other general aspirations that you have in life? I'm not sure yet. I would think more in the commercial industry like movies, music video's .. etc. Time will tell. You can check out more of Ryan Gee's work by visiting his Official Website here!! A huge special thanks to Ryan Gee for the interview.