Oh, Ryan Hemsworth, you adorable DJ. He has launched his sort-of record label, sort-of music delivery service titled Secret Songs, and in what shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, the first release is a track from Tennyson titled 'You're Cute'. There'll be a new track dropping from Secret Songs every couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for those!

Tennyson has given us this extra-cute description of the song as well, saying "hi hi hi! this a song about missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad." Hemsworth has given his own praise of the song as well, explaining his reasons for Tennyson's signing "this is the ideal way to start off Secret Songs. for a few reasons: Tennyson is a kid from Edmonton, Alberta where nothing like this type of music happens; I couldn't tell you which genre he falls under; and the damn song is called 'You're Cute'. i hope everyone falls in love with this kid like i have. download, listen to it while you're taking a bath, and share with all your friends."