Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome has been ridiculed somewhat since its reveal at E3 2013 this year for being a overly simplistic looking QTE-fest - As if Ryō Hazuki of Shenmue fame repeatedly walked into that bar asking for sailors in a loop for 15 minutes completing the same set of QTEs over and over again.

In an interview with Game Reactor, Crytek's PJ Estevez said they designed the game for you to literally mash a load of buttons, all in the effort of making the game accessible to a wide audience:

"We have this concept we call mashing to mastery," Estevez said. "The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight, but if you get the right timing you're able to actually master it. Master the reaction you get out of the AI. You worked on the AI, you get them to this executable state and you execute them."

In summary if you're pretty unskilled, you can still win; but, if you want to master the game, you can win better. Definitely no one was expecting this game or any game to be on a level with Dark Souls or Monster Hunter in terms of difficulty, however I just find the drudgery of dumbing down to a level of "everyone's a winner even if you make mistakes" is something that doesn't make an action game - Games were always about challenge, no matter how hard or easy they are.