In LA, having a yard is a status symbol; it should come as no surprise that the most green space in the city is concentrated in Beverly Hills. Apartment-dwellers more than make up for it with potted plants grown on balconies or in windows. Key to having a green thumb is to periodically replenish its nutrients with new soil; it would be unwise–silly, even–to return to that dirt in the future. So then, Lexington-based duo RYVOLI ask, why are we expected to do the same with our first homes?

Jenn and Samantha were born in the States, but met each other while volunteering for the same non-profit organization in Paris. Returning wasn’t an easy transition for Jenn especially, inspiring the band’s newest single, 'Roots'. “Jenn wrote the bulk of ‘Roots’ the day she moved back from her five-year stay in Paris,” Samantha explains. After such a long absence, the place she once knew was now foreign, which led to serious questions of purpose.

“I threw it all out/ had to start all over again,” Samantha sings, implying there is no way to salvage the life she once knew. “This song processes the discovery that who you used to be is not who you’ve become, and begs the two to merge,” she said of the track. “It is a mourning of the departed self and an invitation for the existing self to not shrink back from change.” Ambient cello notes ring in the background among drums and guitars that very slowly come to life over the course of the song. Eventually, they grow to such heights that the cello takes on a melody of its own until the last few words of the pleading outro. While we cannot expect to come back to a life we left behind, we can always look forward to putting down roots somewhere new.

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