Remember last January when Interpol's Paul Banks released his debut hip-hop mixtape Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be? Looks like his walk on the rap side wasn't a one-time deal, as he's about to join Wu-Tang's mastermind RZA for a collaborative album.

"Me and Paul, we play chess together and just hang out. He came and spent two weeks at my house - I have a guesthouse in my studio," RZA explains, adding that the pairing was all his idea and that when questioned by his manager about whom he's like to record an album with, he answered "Well, Paul just has an energy about him. I think if we put our sandwich together it will be great."

Although the two of them have spent the last six months recording together in Los Angeles, the album (which should be released through Warner Brothers) won't be out for a while: "It may take us a year to finish this album."

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