Things in the Wu-Tang camp are currently a bit tumultuous. With Raekwon recently announcing he was on strike from their upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, it puts the rest of the group in an awkward position. Raekwon claimed that his problems were due, mainly, to RZA's leadership style in the creation of the album as well as a few contractual issues. RZA took to Hot 97 to respond to the situation.

He likened the group to Voltron stating that, " need every piece. We need him there. I want him there. I asked him over and over to be there." But it seems that, until Raekwon's Rolling Stone interview was published, the two had not spoken for quite a while, "We did speak six, seven days ago and he gave me his demands, which we presented to the company. If they can be reached, they can be reached. If they can't, they can't. And if they can't, then we got to reevaluate what we're going to do." He believes that the only way to solve the problem is mainly through talking one-on-one, which the two haven't been able to do as they've been so busy, "What we're not doing as brothers and as business brothers is putting time together. So I gotta read about how he feel. He's gotta read about how I feel. I try to make myself as available as I can. I won't deny it, I'm a busy man."

Watch the interview below.

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