French artist, s a r a s a r a is a captivating creative presence. From her experimental music to her stirring visuals, she's managed to concoct an oddly stunning piece with her new work 'Supernova' and the visuals to accompany it. The single, which was co-produced by Matthew Herbert will be on s a r a s a r a's debut album Amor Fati, which is due for delivery on November 11.

"A supernovae is at the same time, the dramatic and catastrophic last stage of the life of a star system, and also an event that allows matter to expend, and triggers the formation of brand new stars," she says. "It’s the eternal cycle of life. Everything lives and dies to give birth to new things, it’s true for everything in the universe, physical, immaterial, the biggest thing, the tiniest thing, us in the middle, our feelings are no exception. This song is about the unconditional acceptance of this."