In February Saa released a smattering of tracks on their Soundcloud page including a beguiling Sunsan Sontag-moniker-inspired track 'Against Interpretation' that we made our Track of the Day.

We would link you to it, but the track has now been taken down - often a sign of a label sniffing around... and that's exactly what has happened. Enter stage right Left Blank, the rather awesome label of Throwing Snow who have released the likes of Vessel and Young Echo. Asher Levitas of Old Apparatus and Oslo avant-garde singer Linn Carin Dirdal are the duo behind Saa, and in comparison to previous work new number 'Your Sword Is Your Silence' is initially a slightly less dark affair - the four minutes is a saccharine bubble of warped dreampop with a real earthy, organic texture as sparse beats weave around the beautiful vocals from Dirdal, charging off a cliff edifice in slow motion.

'Your Sword Is Your Silence' is the title track from the EP of the same name that is out on Digital and Vinyl on July 8th - 'Against Interpretation' is to also feature on the five-track EP (or six-track if you buy the Digital version).