There's an interaction in the world of biology known as mutualism where two species, (be it plant, bacterial, animal etc) exist in some kind of relationship that is mutually beneficial to one another, trading resources.

Anyways this is somewhat an apt pre-thought to digest in relation to the work of Saa_ down to the dynamic between avant-garde vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal, and Old Apparatus member A. Levitas. The ever-growing electronic boy/girl combo in contemporary UK bass/R&B has provided many notable successes, though with a sizeable amount of relatively generic takes as you'd expect; the former is true here with 'Against Interpretation' as the relationship between sparse beats and dark/light pensive electronics with a tender, pastel-flavoured vocal make for a delightful and soulful symbiosis. They feed off one another with an otherworldly underworld charm, this is no lay down some beats/whack on some vox after-thought dual-solipsism stuff - it all feels so damn human. Currently it's the trend du jour to compare everything vaguely bassy to Tri Angle Records, but hey that's not too far off here.

It's no surpirse that A. Levitas of mysterious outfit Old Apparatus has created something so note-worthy (we fell hard for their trilogy of EPs last year) - the EP that he oversaw, Alfur, included 'Schwee' that possessed a somewhat lighter atmosphere compared to the opaque, aphotic tones that is evident in much their work. There's currently no word on a release yet (one could guess it may end up someday on OA's Sullen Tone imprint) - for now check out the other tracks on their Soundcloud and get immersed.

'Against Interpretation' will feature an EP titled Your Sword Is Your Silence that is out on Digital and Vinyl on July 8th on Left Blank - listen to the title track from the EP and to get more details here.