Back when we reviewed the Tall Corn release by the duo, it was only available as a cassette, limiting the exposure of one of the most unexpectedly amazing releases of the year. Given the reliance on other mediums, it's about time Sababou migrated to new formats.

Now available digitally for the first time over at Tall Corn Music's Bandcamp profile for a mere $7USD, the album is poised to be more readily shared online. But the real release is coming on 1 November, when the album will finally receive a vinyl treatment. A page already exists for those who wish to pre-order this edition, which seems like a good idea since releases by this label tend to mysteriously sell out only to be revealed as one-time-only or delayed restock items.

Given how important this album is to the music of longtime performer Youssouf, why not treat your ears to some memorable and unique music? For those who still want the tape, that's still available as of this writing for an absurdly low price, almost begging to be added to a digital shopping cart.