Today is anything but a 'Sad Day For Puppets'. In fact, it's a very good day for puppets. Below you'll find a top 10 list of puppets, as chosen by the wonderful Sad Day For Puppets. Pale Silver and Shiny Gold will be released on the 6th of September, so make sure you go out and buy it. It's quite lovely.
Top 10 Puppets 1. Animal Photobucket 2. The Swedish Chef 3. Boober Fraggle Photobucket 4. Alf Photobucket 5. Big Bird Photobucket 6. Pinocchio Photobucket 7. Televinken ("old swedish authoritative tv puppet") 8. Gonzo Photobucket 9. Mr Hat Photobucket 10. Lillstrumpa & Syster Yster ("ugly famous swedish sock puppets")
You can visit Sad Day For Puppets by heading to MP3: Sad Day For Puppets - Monster & The Beast