London rockers Saint Agnes have arrived. Reclaiming the word ‘rock’ their blend of bluesy psych rock is filtered through a layer of gothic scuzz that goes with their leather-clad look.

Hailing the release of their debut EP The Death or Glory Gang, is their self-titled single and its raucous video. Directed by Steve Glashier, it sees vocalist Kitty Arabella Austen live out a revenge fantasy all women have undoubtedly had.

“I think it’s messed up that street harassment is such a normalised part of being a woman,” she says on the video, “Whether it’s catcalling, verbal abuse, intimidation…it’s such an everyday experience that you learn to just let it go. Except often I’m filled with rage.” It’s this rage we see explode in the video as she batters a following car with a baseball bat.

Oh, to dream. A world where women can fight back with no consequences. Ideal.

The stark statistics on harassment that open the video create a bleak picture that the fury of the songs refrain: “I said cool yourself, cool yourself” cannot contain. Ironically, Kitty says, “even during the shoot a car slowed and began shouting stuff out the window.”

As a woman watching this video, it fills you with an indelible sense of vitriol and power that one day you too can live out your revenge fantasy. I’m sure the rock-n-rollers of Saint Agnes would fully endorse it.

Their debut EP, The Death Or Glory Gang, is out October 12th.

Editor's Note: Due to an error, this piece was initially attributed to an incorrect writer.