Saint Etienne’s seemingly perpetual relationship with pop music began in the early 1990s, and since then their sound has travelled from what we heard in the eclectic debut album Foxbase Alpha to the dark, folk-influenced Tiger Bay, and even to the atmospheric, electronic grandeur from their album Sound of Water. It’s a journey that has now taken a personal turn as they announce the release their next LP, Words and Music By Saint Etienne.

Saint Etienne member Bob Stanley has defined Words and Music By Saint Etienne as an album "about how music affects your life. How it defines the way you see the world as a child, how it can get you through bad times in unexpected ways, and how songs you’ve known all your life can suddenly develop a new attachment, and hurt every time you hear them. More than how it affects and reflects your life though, the album is about believing in music, living your life by its rules."

This album will be released on May 21st, featuring all the tracks that are listed below. Saint Etienne’s new single ‘Tonight’ will also be released on the 5th March, along with remixes from 2 Bears, Club Clique and Richard X. Watch the video for ‘Tonight’ here:


  • 1. Over the Border
  • 2. I’ve Got Your Music
  • 3. Heading For the Fair
  • 4. Last Days of Disco
  • 5. Tonight
  • 6. Answer Song
  • 7. Record Doctor
  • 8. Popular
  • 9. 25 Years
  • 10. DJ
  • 11. When I Was Seventeen
  • 12. I Threw it All Away
  • 13. Haunted Jukebox