About a month ago Saint Jude appeared with 'Deaf Ears, Blind Years', a song that managed to capture indefinable feelings in its carefully layered sounds. Jude Woodhead is continually proving himself to be a talent when it comes to tone, and that continues on this week's newest release 'Head Is Spinning'.

The new single is the most immediately dance-friendly of his tracks to date, combining an oozing bass with a bouncing beat to set up the simple but effective scaffold for his feelings. Atop this flutters in vocals, both his own and those of Poppy Billingham from Sunken, which mingle with innumerable extra flickers of instrumentation. The result is a blur of sound-as-colour, immediately transporting you to a weekend in a field or at a rave - it could have been last week or several years ago, but the surge of nostalgic glee is present in this production, especially as 'Head Is Spinning' surges into its dizzying final minute. Check it out below.

Both of Saint Jude's recent tracks will be collected on a self-titled EP, which is coming out on October 4th through Slow Dance. Follow Saint Jude on Twitter and Facebook.