As Saint Saviour, Becky Jones hasn't exactly done it by the book. A genesis that stretches from the workhouses of Dickensian London to house concerts across the globe. Ex co-writer and de facto front woman of Groove Armada, Jones' album is shaping up nicely if the below track is anything to go by; spectral, lilting and possessed of a rich tonality.

Interestingly, her debut was uniquely crowd-funded through PledgeMusic Union (and will be released on Surface Area in June) and Jones has this to say about the themes running through it: “I never ever write about my own experience, my family life or relationships. I’m not really interested in badgering on about my own life, I’d rather write about daydreams and the news, stuff that’s important rather than being self-indulgent.”

And more power to ya Becky.

Future live shows promise to be a cut above the usual 'stand up and play' too; theatrical costumes, projections and set design coupled with a likely visceral stage persona will be assaulting the senses of UK audiences across a number of 'Union' showcase shows currently being lined up for the summer.

To support her global release plans Saint Saviour has entered into a ground breaking music partnership deal with AEG Live (UK).  The debut single I Call This Home will also be available from June 25th.