Many fans will know it has been a patient wait for Saint Saviour's (a.k.a. Becky Jones) debut album. After already being treated to the first single 'I Call This Home', the album Union follows June 25th.

In the lead up for the release Saint Saviour has compiled an exclusive Spotify playlist for 405. Choosing her favourite songs at moment. Enjoy.

1. New France – Orbital – I just love what they have done with Zola Jesus’ vocal. I love Lady Leshurr on ‘Wonky’ too – she’s a feisty lady. The whole album is amazing, reminds me of being in cars with boys.

2. Bad Girls – MIA - Makes me feel like I’m her gang. I’ve loved her from the start. The music video by Roman Gavras is painfully cool too.

3. Oxygen – Willy Mason – The lyrics to this song are a masterpiece, they make me cry just reading them out.

4. ‘Reunion’ by M83 – There’s something so eerie and magical about the whole album but this song feels really familiar and makes me punch the air like a lunatic

5. Suspicious Minds – Elvis – What's not to love about this song and the famous Vegas performance of it? Its a perfectly written song, perfectly performed by The King.

6. Death of Samantha by Yoko Ono. ‘I’m a cool chick baby’ could only really sound cool coming from Yoko. Really smoky and atmospheric.

7. Ceremony by New Order – Jangly guitar riff heaven for those who hate widdly guitar bollocks like me. I used New Order and Martin Hannet as a reference for a lot of my album.

8. Persephone by Cocteau Twins – I love how Elizabeth Fraser uses her whole range. Brilliant jangly guitar again and of course the world-ending drum machine beats give it the edge it needs in a mash of reverbs.

9. Everyday People – The Staple Singers. I just bloody love all Stax recordings but this one is three and a half minutes of a sing-along bliss.

10. ‘This Must be the Place’ by Talking Heads – I went to see the film of the same name this week and it re-lit my love of Talking Heads. Such a nice film, still trying to work it out but David Byrne appears and it’s hilarious and wonderful, and made me watch ‘Stop Making Sense’ again.