It has come to our attention that a bunch of crappy bands are getting a disproportionate percentage of the hype generated by the music press. I know it's tough, servers won't fill themselves, we feel we have to chatter constantly so bands are bound to get missed in between the gasping rasping "best ever" gulps of air - it's fine, I get it. That said, let me petition for Saintseneca to be risen (lowered?) to the level of a buzz band.

Let me petition you all for some fucking buzz. Saintseneca are worthy of your server space. Here is "Sleeper Hold" from their forthcoming third album Such Things as proof:

The album is coming out on October 9th on Anti, it follows last years excellent Dark Arc, which I guess makes them quite prolific by modern standards and is also worthy of all your hype, whatever and ever nobody cares. If you do need further proof that Saintseneca are worth putting your personal brand on the line for, check out their Tiny Desk Concert for NPR: