In the midst of promoting his new book, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, novelist Salman Rushdie appeared on Canadian television – that's normal.

But what happened next wasn't so normal, and great to see. Rushdie was asked to recite, and give his opinion on, some of the lines from Drake tracks. Namely, he took on '6PM In New York', 'Forever', Know Yourself', 'What's My Name' and '6 God'.

A published novelist doing this takes the critical analysis of rap lyrics away from esoteric university theses and the extrapolations of obscure Genius commentors and brings it to the forefront. Granted, it was all set up, but the general literary review of song lyrics, especially in the realm of rap, feels long overdue – what were the poets of ancient Greece, for example, if not rappers, orally transmitting their works with musical accompaniments?