Featuring various Latin and South American rhythms with sunny, '60s inspired indie surf rock, LA-based Salt Petal blend these styles well to create a sound that is both unique and familiar. A good example being their new single, 'Telephone'.

According to the band, "'Telephone' is about being defiant and trying to wise up after having been lied to. Personal deception. But in an upbeat fun way. We were thinking a little about Chuck Berry songs and the B52s."

Sonically, 'Telephone' takes you to an afternoon backyard party where you don't mind having one more drink than you should. And if the composition doesn't get you going, the lyrics will: "There was a time where I believed you/ Sweet lies cut their teeth on my telephone." The cutting honesty of the poetry is balanced by the almost flippant way it is sung. And who can't relate that?

Salt Petal will release their new album, Rare Hearts, on April 28th.