Camo & Krooked - 'Ruhepuls'

Hailing from my hometown, Camo & Krooked are two of the best producers of electronic music on the planet. Full stop. 'Ruhepuls' is an example of how, under the right circumstances, relatively calm music can quickly start to feel intense, even slightly monstrous.

T.I. - 'DOPE'

Any song that pays homage to Aaliyah is a good song, especially when it samples her best work and the best R&B song of all time, 'Rock The Boat'. Dr Dre absolutely murdered the production on this. Even as a massive Future fan, it is also really refreshing to not hear a triplet flow in popular rap music for once.

Future - 'Stick Talk'

Speaking of which - if Young Metro don't trust you... you know the rest. Say what you want about Future, but the guy definitely has something about him. Who needs Red Bull when you can listen to 'Stick Talk'? Pure energy.

Hiatus Kaiyote - 'Laputa'

Hiatus Kaiyote are the best band to emerge in the last couple of years. They are absolute wizards musically, anyone with a functioning set of ears will agree. This song embodies beauty in its purest form, it's incredible.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'Multi-Love'

This song just makes so much sense to me, even though I can't really relate to it at all. From what I've gathered, it's about a failed love triangle. It's almost hypnotic, so simple, yet so effective. Also love the way the instruments have been recorded, so sharp and vintage sounding. Real good.

salute's new mini-album My Heart is out on August 19th via 37 Adventures.