Sam Amidon will be following up his 2014 album Lily-O with a new LP this spring. The Following Mountain is due out on May 26 via Nonesuch Records and sees Amidon joining forces with his frequent collaborator Shahzad Ismaily as well as with producer Leo Abrahams.

The album was put together between Brooklyn and London, with most recordings taking place in the US (notorious jazz drummer Milford Graves makes a rare appearance, as well as Jimi Hendrix's percussionist Juma Sultan and saxophonist Sam Gendel) before Amidon and Abrahams finished the songs in England.

"The Following Mountain is a walk through the thickets of the imagination, a personal mythology of sounds and visions and characters," Amidon says of the LP. "It is my first album of original music, but is still linked to the Appalachian music I love, as well as improvisation, beats, Don Cherry, Vermont, London."

You can stream first track 'Juma Mountain' below.