Sam Fender has returned with the personal and affecting new track, ‘That Sound’. A rousing tribute to his ever-long love of music and its ability to comfort us in dark times. He has also detailed the release of his debut EP, Dead Boys out November 20 on Polydor Records.

After hitting the festival circuit hard over the summer and gaining new fans all over Europe, Sam has returned to the studio to create an anthemic, and characteristically melancholic track in ‘That Sound’. Speaking on this, he notes: “Simply put, ‘That Sound’ is a celebration of music, but it’s also a not-so-subtle middle finger to the naysayers that tend to rear their heads as soon as things start to work out for you, especially back at home. Music was always ever present when I was growing up, and it’s continued to be the most important and intrinsic part of me.  It kept me from going off the rails as a kid and it gave me rare purpose and self-confidence that I couldn't find from anything else.”

He will shortly embark on a sold out UK tour to promote the release of the Dead Boys EP and has recently announced a new London headline date for 28/02/2019. Tickets here.