Sam Fender has released the racing ‘Will We Talk?’, the final track lifted from his forthcoming anticipated debut album. It’s a spirited indie anthem that focuses on modern relationships and disposable connections. This track does not ponder the larger issues as many of his previous work has, instead it ponders the immediate things that concern the modern millennial, hook-ups and heavy drinking.

Sam has been steadily building his catalogue and fanbase since 2017 when he emerged with characterful, honest songs written from experiences in his northern hometown. He tackles subjects such as male suicide, objectification of women and teenage violence all within his unique poetic pop. A sad despair runs through his music and it’s the way he’s channeled these tribulations into his music that has connected on such a nationwide scale and has resulted in a sold out tour at the end of the year.

‘Will We Talk?’ should sustain fans’ appetites for music until the release of Hypersonic Missiles on the newly announced date of September 13.