LA via Paris hip hopper Sam Jam, treats us to a warm, jazzy, hip-hop cut entitled 'There's No Love', taken from his Ready Made LP (out today via Bandcamp - although the track is strangely named 'GreaterLove' on the actual download – Weird).

Anyway, the track features subdued raps over a dusty, looped piano motif, a big low-end, dominated by a large, slightly muffled kick drum and an evocative vocal sample proclaiming "Greater Love."

The track has a nice vibe, but I feel the rap vocals lack definition slightly and should probably have been mixed down at a tad higher volume with some choice EQ cuts in place. At points the kick seems to swamp the mix, but this could definitely be on purpose.

All in all, the track is fairly solid, but it's never going to set the world on fire and there are definitely better cuts than this on the LP. But if you are a fan of jazzy licks, dusty lo-fi vibes and soulful vocal samples, then this could just be up your street. What do you think?