by Bizu Yaregal and Michelle Kambasha

What makes Disclosure particularly special for kids who are only just coming into their debauched years, channelled through British night clubs, is because they act as educators. When they put the young, spritely vocals of a kind called Sam Smith on their break-out record 'Latch', few from the 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents' generation knew that his inclusion harked back to a post-acid house era - when vocalists donned Patra braids, and it was cool to wear baggy jeans to clubs.

Smith doesn't feel eclipsed by his Disclosure feature - hence why he turned up to the Mercury's with the group, despite not performing. In fact, he owes them a little something. Nothing on Nirvana, his debut EP, seems to suggests a guy who likes his booze cheap and trainers drenched in the dark and mysterious gunge of British night clubs, the morning after. The EP, opening with 'Safe With Me' gives you the sense that he prefers to be in touch with his more honest, non-chemically induced emotions, and still manages to stay starkly current and of this generation.

This is more clearly spelled out by title track 'Nirvana'. Despite sounding like a neo-gospel song - as Smith exhibits the many corners and crevices of his vocal range - the fact that it lyrically delves into the illicit and carnal shows that he's part of our god forsaken and wilfully godless generation, while naughtily taking influence from holier times gone by.

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We spoke to Sam Smith about the EP. Admitting that one of his main inspirations behind the recording as Norweigan artist Maria Mena - who is renowned for delving into deep issues in her music - Sam said he too wanted to be as "honest at possible." Still, despite the joy that comes with having success from features (La La La is this years smash it song - I've heard it clubs and at five-year-old's birthday party) he did state that it was a little "daunting" releasing his own material, particularly after the success of all his features.

Here, Smith gives us a break down about each track on the EP.

'Safe With Me'

"It was organised from PMR who look after Two Inch Punch and my management and we did a session. I was lot of sessions with Eg White and Fraser T, doing quite classic songwriting and I loved that, done it a million times but I just wanted two days of going into the studio. I fancied having two days where I could go into the studio and do something different and I loved it and something really good has come out of it."


"I love gospel music, I love soul music. I didn't actually think 'Nirvana' was that gospel but when you listen to it, it is. But so are loads of other of my songs, 'Lay Down' is very gospel. Yeah I love it! It's very uplifting 100% and it's lovely because my album's going to be depressing. I don't actually listen to my songs, like I do as I have sort of analyse them and stuff but 'Nirvana' is the one song I will listen to out of choice. I don't like playing myself in the car or anything but I will play 'Nirvana'. As soon as I'm in the car or want to hear it it makes me feel really good."

'I've Told You Now'

"I wrote that song with Eg White and that's the first song we did together. It's about an unrequited love situation. Yeah I don't know how to explain that song really. I think it kinda explains itself, do you know what I mean? I can talk about every single song but when it comes to that tune, there's not much I can say on it. Just that I love it and I love sing it."

'Latch (Acoustic)'

"I was just playing around in the studio and I do it with all my songs because Jimmy (the guy I write with), he's amazing and we always just mess around and you know just sing the song through and we did 'Latch' and it just sounded beautiful. I just thought it was a lovely touch, especially after the 'Lay Me Down' video, I thought it was nice to bring an acoustic version of each.

With his career moving at such a quick pace the singer's aim to have 'as much fun' as he can. One thing that is definitely a horizon is a UK/European tour which he announced last week. "We're going to be doing my new singles, have a big production" he said excitedly before saying it was a "dream" to be playing Shepherds Bush.

We predict even bigger things for Sam Smith in the next year, and look forward to watching his career develop.