One of our favourite Welsh bands, Samoans, have announced details of their debut EP.

Elevated Reflections will be released on September 3rd via Barely Regal Records, and follows on nicely from the release of 'Catamaran' earlier in the year.

With the release date being almost six weeks away, we thought we'd treat you by letting you hear it right now. Not only that, but the band have put together a 'track-by'track' guide to the album for you get to grips with.

Check it all out below their upcoming live dates, which includes Reading/Leeds Festival!

Live Dates

  • 28 July – London, The Old Blue Last (with Chain of Flowers)
  • 2 August – Bristol, The Louisiana
  • 24 August – Reading Festival (BBC Introducing Stage)
  • 25 August – Leeds Festival (BBC Introducing Stage)

Samoans - 'Elevated Reflections': Track by Track

Super Vapour Trail Sunrise

This is the first song we wrote for the EP. The title for the song came first when I was walking to work one morning and looked up at the sky. It was scattered with vapour trails and in the dawn light, looked incredible. The song however has dark undertones in comparison to the origins of the title. Throughout my life I have suffered endlessly with illness and the lyrics demonstrate the frustration I go through trying to deal with this on a day-to-day basis. The opening lyrics, "fall apart from the heels up," immediately set the tone of the song.


'Acrobat' was the last song to be written for the EP. We had the basic idea for the song a couple of years ago but could never get the right feel for it. It got to the point where we left the song alone for while, and when we came back to it we deconstructed what we had written and looked at the song afresh. The break away from the song gave us new perspective on the direction we wanted to take the song in and we're really happy with the final recorded version. The lyrics, "stare out the glare in the eye of time,' reference the play 'Siwan' by Saunders Lewis.


I've always been interested in play on words and 'Catamaran' was a lot of fun to write. The lyrics describe a warped trip, seeing things that aren't there but in an almost liberating way, "I can open the skies now it's not gold, elevated reflections above you."

Elevated Reflections

'Elevated Reflections' was initially intended to be the middle section of 'Catamaran' but we felt it made the song unnecessarily long so we left it out. Before heading in the studio I asked the band how they felt about including the excluded part as a reprise and they loved the idea.

San Marino 1994

San Marino 1994 references the death of the racing driver Ayrton Senna. Growing up, he was one of my heroes. The song carries a lot of emotion, ending in a chorus of "you are so beautiful on fire." It's collectively our favourite song and defines the sound we have built up over the last few years.

(Hidden Track: Acrobat Reprise)

I had performed 'Acrobat Reprise' for a while, however the song went under the name 'The Runner'. When writing the guitar part of 'Acrobat...', the layered vocals from 'The Runner' came in to my head and the idea of a keeping the original version as a reprise worked really well. I re-recorded the song in the studio and added some piano, which makes the song much more atmosphreric. The lyrics, "you were wounded in perfection, you were wounded in the way you wanted," leaves the EP on a contemplative note.