As part of our Artist Playlist series, Samson The Truest comes to term with his oppressive workplace. Check it out below, and pick up his new album, Come Back Shane on October 2nd.

"I almost got fired last week from the fancy restaurant I bartend at in Soho. The offense: 'That Summer Feeling' by Jonathan Richman. To be fair, when I snuck the song on during service hours, I was given a light reprimand by the boss and reminded that I was not allowed to touch the preordained playlists. But when the customers were gone and we were closing down for the night I put 'That Summer Feeling' back on, this time on repeat and boss thought I was being insubordinate or something and made a big deal to remind me who was in charge or whatever. I just kept muttering about how if he only listened to the song he would fall in love with it.

"The following is a playlist of songs I wish I could play at work (too weird, too emotional, too sad, too aggressive, too urban, etc). I present to you, The Banned Summer Jams of my Fancy Restaurant."


We've provided you with three different ways to listen to this playlist because we're super nice people. However, if a track is missing from one of them, don't blame us; the streaming landscape is rife with inconsistencies.



  • 1. Reigning Sound - 'You Done Wrong'
  • 2. Fred Neil - 'The Dolphins'
  • 3. Wet - 'Deadwater'
  • 4. Jonathan Richman - 'That Summer Feeling'
  • 5. Curtis Mayfield - 'Now You're Gone'
  • 6. Wu-Tang Clan - 'I Can't Go to Sleep'
  • 7. Dirty Fences - 'Endless Party'
  • 8. Frank Ocean - 'Swim Good'
  • 9. Grandaddy - 'The Go in the Go-For-It'
  • 10. Harry Nilsson and John Lennon - 'Many Rivers to Cross'
  • 11. Leonard Cohen - 'Don't Go Home with Your Hard-On'
  • 12. Kendrick Lamar - 'How much a Dollar Cost'
  • 13. Minnie Riperton - 'Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down
  • 14. Julian Cassablancas - 'I'll Try Anything Once'
  • 15. Bob Dylan - 'Time Passes Slowly'
  • 16. D'Angelo - 'Really Love'
  • 17. Fleetwood Mac - 'Beautiful Child'
  • 18. Jonathan Richman - 'That Summer Feeling'