It's been a couple of years since Irish-born London-based singer Samuel released his rather stunning Falling Star EP. It showcased a superior talent in the vocals department, his voice all at once uniquely not R&B-founded at all but something more flutteringly choral that ached with almost painful deepness – and treated to bass-heavy, future-facing production courtesy of LV's Okzharp.

Now it appears that Samuel is back with a brand new Kwes-produced single called 'These Days'. From the instant the song begins we are treated to Samuel's crooning vocals, allowed plenty of room to breathe in the huge spaces left in between its bass bloops and slo-beats, smooth chords cushioning the meandering melody of his voice, rising to a lilting falsetto in the sunny chorus, the whole thing glistening for gloriously fizzing tract of floating, contentedly lonely romance.

Grab 'These Days' from iTunes, or from the Ninja Tune store.