2014 saw orchestral-pop maestro Ellis Ludwig-Leone and his 8-piece ensemble known as San Fermin touring all over the world supporting their debut album filled that was sonically similar to The National if they'd taken uppers, and 2015 looks like it'll be on the same note, just a bit darker. They've announced their new album Jackrabbit which comes out on 27 April via Downtown Records/Sony RED.

Leone wrote the album entirely by himself from start to finish, but then realized that it wasn't nearly as done as he thought. In a statement, he said “I went from being this isolated composer guy, out in the woods, to sitting in the back of a van with seven other members playing shows in rock clubs every night. When I got back, I revisited it all, ripped these holes in the middle of all the existing songs and added some new songs. I rethought everything I had been writing.” That very LP was recorded in the midst of their heavy touring schedule and if you were looking for something lighthearted like their hit single 'Sonsick', you might be a bit surprised at the darkness of its lead single 'Parasites'. It finds the band at their darkest and with some of the most complex compositional arrangements we've heard from them so far, but it's just accessible enough to have you hitting the 'play' button on repeat.

Listen below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. The Woods
  • 2. Ladies Mary
  • 3. Emily
  • 4. Jackrabbit
  • 5. Astronaut
  • 6. Philosopher
  • 7. Ecstatic Thoughts
  • 8. Woman In Red
  • 9. The Cave
  • 10.Parasites
  • 11.Reckoning
  • 12.The Glory
  • 13.Two Scenes
  • 14.Halcyon Days
  • 15.Billy Bibbit
  • Tour Dates:
  • 1/28 – Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse Music Hall
  • 1/29 – Fairfield, CT @ StageOne
  • 1/30 – Vienna, VA @ The Barns at Wolf Trap
  • 1/31 – Arden, DE @ Gild Hall
  • 2/12 – New York, NY @ Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Series
  • 3/06 – Birmingham, AL @ Alys Stephens Center’s Jemison Concert Hall
  • 3/07 – Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover Festival

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