Sandro Perri is a name that you might not be familiar with, but you certainly should. The experimental musician has put out a steady stream of music under guises like Off World and Polmo Polpo, but this year he returns with a new album under his own name. In Another Life comes out on September 14th through his longtime home of Constellation Records. It's his first under his own name since the splendid Impossible Spaces from 2011.

In Another Life is, in Perri's own words, an experiment in 'infinite' songwriting. The lead and title track from the album is a 24-minute progression of patient shapeshifting and subtly diverse landscapes - although only the 6-minute edit is available right now. Nevertheless, the unique and vibrant world that Perri creates through his idiosycratic layering is rich and vibrant within this shortened version, which gives us just enough to make us fully excited for the album. This excitement is even more pronounced when we discover that side B of In Another Life is three part song cycle called 'Everybody's Paris' that will feature guest vocal takes from Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and André Ethier (The Deadly Snakes).

For now though, you can check out the shortened version of 'In Another Life' just below.