Although always busy under multiple guises, Sandro Perri will be releasing an album under his own name for the first time in 7 years next week; In Another Life arrives September 14th on Constellation. Ahead of that he has shared the album's closing track, and the final piece of the 'Everybody's Paris' song cycle that makes up the second half of the album.

Perri is not alone in 'Everybody's Paris pt. III', but has found a perfect foil in Dan Bejar aka Destroyer. Over Perri's languid and twinkling soundbeds, shot through with rich guitars, Bejar is allowed to pontificate about life in the modern world and particularly in the storied cities of Europe - none of which matches up to the titular Paris. It's certainly reminiscent of Destroyer's Poison Season album, but where that went for maximalist baroque compositions, Perri keeps it subtle and understated, allowing lights to reflect in the slow-moving current, like the Seine at night. Check it out below.

You can pre-order Perri's Another Life, and get more info about it, right here from Constellation.