News from Santigold has been sparse over the last few years. Yes, she created a Pepsi-sponsored track for the World Cup last year; and yes, earlier this year, Santigold contributed a song called 'Radio' for a film soundtrack (Paper Towns). But other than that, there've been no official Santigold releases - no albums, no singles.

Until now, that is; Santigold yesterday premiered a new single called 'Can't Get Enough Of Myself' on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show. What's more is that it's actually taken from an upcoming album called 99¢ - as you might be able to tell from the album art (above) and the title, Santigold told Lowe that the idea behind the album and its art is that people seem to have become undervalued products that can be bought and sold.

Listen to the track, and a bit of interview talking, below.